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Amero precision

Quality and reliable CNC machine-tools

CNC Machine-Tools distributor representing high quality and reliable machines that satisty the most demanding machining requeriments with precision, speed, endurance. Supported with professional service and stock spare parts.


At Amero Precision we have machining centers, turning centers and horizontal boring machines that stand out for the quality, durability, precision and speed, qualities necessary to meet the needs and requirements of the country's largest industrial centers.


Choose Machining Centers that guarantee precision and quality for many years to come. Choose those that have FANUC technology, leader in robotic automation.


The best Turning Centers. Find here the one that suits your manufacturing needs.

HorizontalBoring Machines

Precision is the key to a good job. Horizontal Boring Machines get your jobs in time.

Double Column Centers

Choose the quality and precision of double column machines. Ideal for industry jobs that require perfection.